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CARAMBOLA New recording project recently released, Carambola features a varied mixture of sounds and genres. Latin Jazz Beyond Caribbean Scenery. Multi-Colored Fusion. Spirited Melodies. Electro-Acoustic Textures. Explorative. Eclectic. Energetic. The recording has 11 tracks.  

Felipe Lamoglia - Tenor & Soprano Sax / EWI / Percussion.

Román Díaz - AfroCuban Percussion Set.

Oriente López - Piano, Flutes, Keyboards, Percussion and Vocals.

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Coming Soon

TÍPICO (Justice for Jústiz) 

 Tribute to Cuban pianist Pedro Jústiz, better known as “Peruchín.”  More...


Guest Artist:
Paquito D’Rivera


Mario Lino



José Espinosa


Unknown by many generations of Cuban Music lovers, Peruchin was a pianist specializing in Jazz-influenced Cuban Popular music, and he became an important figure in the 1950’s descarga scene in Havana. The reason this is important is that Peruchin was also a founding member of “Los Amigos”, the 1950’s band that later became the bedrock of what is today considered “Latin Jazz”. Creators and powerful cultural players, Peruchin with “Los Amigos” music represents much of Cuba’s colorful past.  


The original idea of this recording was initiated by the executive producer Alberto Aguilera (Paquito), who was Peruchin's former drummer. This project consists of 8 original compositions by Giraldo Piloto, Elio Villafranca, Roberto García López and Oriente Lopez. Típico’s ensemble resembles that of “Los Amigos”, including Piano, Double Bass, Timbal, Congas and Güiro.  All the tracks have been produced by Oriente Lopez - OHL Music.

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