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Selected Discography

CARAMBOLA (2021) - Latin Jazz Beyond Caribbean Scenery. Multi-Colored Fusion. Spirited Melodies. Electro-Acoustic Textures. Explorative. Eclectic. Energetic. 

ABRACADABRA (2016) - "Abracadabra” is a song cycle in Spanish composed by Oriente Lopez in collaboration with  lyricist Ana Mireles. It features a large ensemble. The songs draw on Cuban music (cha cha cha, guaracha, conga, son, bolero, etc…) with influences from Spain, African, Asia, Brazil, Europe, and American Jazz.  The songs reflects the diversity of Caribbean ancestry, with Cuba as a touchstone.  The arrangements combine folkloric and contemporary instruments, full rhythm section, brass. Crafted in poetical language by poet Ana Mireles, the lyrics contribute to an aesthetic of linguistic integrity in the Spanish language. 

Themes include barriers of distance in relationships; pilgrimages, street scenes, carnival, and nostalgia. Through the lyrics and music, listeners feel an emotional connection to the positive side of human relationships, self-reflection, and the significance of Caribbean ancestry. 

AGUAS PROFUNDAS (2012) - "Aguas Profundas" is a recording and performing project of Latin jazz compositions from the 2012 album of the same name, composed by Oriente Lopez. Plays with the resonant interactions between Brazilian and Cuban music. Jazz idioms infused with subtle latin rhythms and going in unpredictable directions.  A rich timber and graceful, subtle, but strong melodies infuse this music with both emotion and intelligence. Beautiful distinctive melodies so clearly stated they are singable. The music never ceases to excite.

ORIENTATIONS (2004) - Piano Solo.
As the album title indicates, each track of “ORIENTATIONS” takes you to different destinations. An unique piano solo recording that represents the seed to many stories and sound universes.

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